Hyacinths flower is one of many beautiful and fragnant flowers that grown from bulb. The flower has a wide range in many colours, such as purple, pink, white, red, blue... This plant will flower after ten weeks of planting. Check here how to grow this plant.

1. Treating bulb to flower

Hyacinths is not easy to grow in high-temperature region like Vietnam. To get bulbs to flower, you need to use a technique called forcing. To do this, heat-treated hyacinth bulbs, which are more expensive than normal bulbs, need to be placed in a dark place for several weeks to allow flower buds to develop. 

Hyacinths bulbs need to be treated at cool and dark conditions before planting. (Photo: Olwen Phan)

2. Growing the plant 

  • Almost fill an 8cm pot with moist bulb fibre, and then push a bulb in gently to half its depth. If you have sensitive skin, wear washing up gloves when handling the bulbs as they release tiny, needle-shape crystals, which can irritate the skin.
  • Put pots in a cool, dark place, such as a refrigerator, a garage or shed for about ten weeks to allow the roots to grow. 
  • If you are growing more than one variety, label with its name or colour to prevent mixing different shades together.
  • Check bulbs regularly and water if the compost feels dry.
  • When shoots appear, wait until they are about 5cm high and arrange the three pots in an 18cm bowl.
  • Fill the gaps with more bulb fibre and place in a light spot to flower.

Hyacinths flower blooms under sunshine. (Photo: wikipedia)

3. After care

  • Keep compost moist.
  • This plant don't require much fertilizer.
  • After flowering, bulbs will be exhausted and are best thrown away, so you could add them to your compost heap, but make sure you chop them up finely or you can keep them clean for the next season.