Is it safe to go swimming during Covid-19 pandemic?

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. This disease can spread both indoors and outdoors, wherever you may come into close contact with an infected person. When the social distancing is over, you'll definitely want to play outside. In this very hot summer season, you may ask "is it safe to go swimming during Covid-19 pandemic?".

Until now, there is no evidence that the COVID-19 virus can spread through natural bodies of water or recreational waters such as pools. When pools and beaches are allowed to be open in your community, here are some safety main points to consider before you plan your activity:

  • Location: Congestion, crowd and behaviours of others determine how safe the swimming area is.
  • Timing: Select a time when it is likely to be least crowded.
  • Your children’s age: How well will they maintain physical distance?   
  • Prevention measures: Check to see how well the swim area ensures measures in place to prevent the spread of the virus and other health hazards – steps taken to avoid crowding, cleaning and disinfection, ventilation of indoor space and safe water systems.

If you decide to go swimming, leave early if it starts to get crowded, minimize your time in enclosed spaces such as locker rooms, avoid eating in the swim area and supervise your child at all times.

Source: How to stay safe outside during COVID-19 pandemic? | UNICEF Azerbaijan