Guava Juice

Guava fruit is rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber. according to wikipedia, a single guava fruit contains about 4 times the amount of vitamin C as an orange.

Many people like to eat guava/amrud. But when the guava seeds gets stuck in the teeth then it is really irritating. Thats one of the reason we prefer to drink guava juice than to eat them directly.

To make this guava juice, you can use the regular guavas as well as pink guavas. But remember they have to be ripe And the flesh should be soft.

Also remember Not to blend the guavas too much as then the seeds also get ground while blending, giving a sand like consistency in the juice. You can also add lemon juice to give a slight tang to the juice.

Once the guava juice is done, then serve immediately. You can also add ice cubes to the juice. The recipe can be doubled or tripled.

How to make guava juice

1. Rinse the guavas very well in water. Then chop in small pieces and add to a large blender jar. Blend in batches if the blender size is small.

guavas for guava juice recipe

2. add 1 cup chilled water and blend the guavas to a smooth pulp. Chop the guavas in small pieces so that they grind faster and also so that the seeds are not ground.

blending guava for guava juice recipe

3. Don’t grind too much as then the seeds also get ground and you will get tiny grits in the juice and you get a sand like feel in the juice.

blending guava for guava juice recipe

4. Add the pulp to a juice strainer lined on top of a bowl. You can also line the strainer with a muslin cloth to get rid of the seed grits if there any.

straining guava for guava juice recipe

5. Using a spoon stir the pulp, so that the smooth pulp is extracted in the bowl.

straining guava for guava juice recipe

6. Here we have the collected pulp without the seeds.

strained guava juice

7. Now add 1 cup of chilled water. Stir. You can make the guava juice more thin by adding more water. You can also add some lemon juice for a tangy taste.

water for guava juice recipe

8. add 3 tbsp sugar. Sugar can be adjusted as per your taste and the sweetness of the guavas.

sugar for guava juice recipe


9. Stir again till the sugar dissolves.

stir guava juice recipe

10. Pour the juice in glasses and Serve guava juice immediately.

guava juice, guava juice recipe
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